Parade Hospitality Area

Please come and experience Porsche Parade Hospitality during Parade Week at Lake of the Ozarks! Besides being able to enjoy a warm beverage or cool drink, there will be snacks appropriate to the time of the day—early or midday. You will be able to connect in this meeting space with friends old and new, put together or add a piece or two to a puzzle, color (one of the newest crazes that is supposed to be relaxing) or what have you. You will at least want to stop by and pick up your daily raffle ticket—which gives you a chance to win interesting Porsche Parade items from past years!

Our wonderful array of Parade Sponsors will have their booths setup awaiting your arrival with displays, information, handouts and giveaways. This is always a highlight!

Plan on joining us after the day’s events to check event scores or find an extra event ticket on “The Board”—where available tickets from registered entrants are posted for sale. Remember, Hospitality is where you connect!