Radio-Controlled (RC) - On-Road & Off-Road Track Competitions!

The RC Car Competition this year will be comprised of 2 events: the exciting on-road event and a NEW off-road event. These events will be held:

RC On-Road Track Race on Tuesday, July 10th
RC Off-Road Track Race on Wednesday, July 11th

The RC On-Road Track Race will be held in Northwinds Room in Building D, adjacent to the Ice Cream Social. We will run in heats of 3 – 5 cars each, providing competition for drivers and entertainment for our spectators. HPI has again graciously provided loaner cars for the race, so come out and try your hand at racing these outrageously fast and fun cars!

The first annual RC Off-Road Track Event will be held in the Picnic Grove park across from Building A. We will be running timed heats on a challenging dirt, grass, or sand course. This will offer our competitors a chance to drive a fun off-road monster Cayenne and give our spectators an opportunity to see the racers possibly catch some air!

Both events are open to entrants of all ages and we’ll be providing shared loaner vehicles for the duration of the event if you don't have your own car to race. You're also welcome to bring your own on-road or off-road RC however it must have a replica body of a real Porsche (911, Cayenne, etc.). We will be running primarily 1/10th scale vehicles, however you're welcome to bring smaller or larger scale RC’s, just know these may be grouped into their own class at the time of the event.

For each event, classes will be established based on turn out in order to provide our entrants with a fun and fair experience. Awards will be given out for the top winners in each class.

If you’ve ever thought about driving a radio-controlled car, this is your opportunity! Whether you're interested in on-road cars that can do 30+mph or an off-road machine that can take a few jumps and keep going, come join us for some RC fun!

Also, if you are in need of a Cayenne body for your 1/10th scale off-road truck for the event, we recommend ordering this body in time to prep it for the event. The body supports trucks that have a 10 ½ inch wheelbase. Trimming and painting is required. Other length wheelbases may require more trimming or modification.

The RC event schedule with practice and race times will be available during registration on Sunday.