Safety/Tech Inspection

See note below on change for 2018 inspections

This year the club will be performing Safety Inspection the morning and afternoon of the Autocross at the Autocross site and on the grid. Please prepare your vehicle prior to grid, if there is an issue with the participant’s vehicle or safety gear they will be moved off grid to fix the issue.

There will be four time slots for Safety Inspections at the autocross site:

All vehicle Safety Inspections will be done at the autocross site prior to your run group. Again, I can’t emphasize this more, Please have your vehicle ready for safety inspection prior to staging your vehicle for the autocross. Safety Inspection Volunteers will check wheel torque, safety gear, wheel, tires, brakes, battery, fluid levels and any fluid leaks, belts and the other items listed on the Safety Inspection Form. Participants are responsible for all items on the Safety Inspection Form prior to the autocross.

Note: This year we will NOT be handing out the Safety Tech Form at Parade

Review the Autocross Safety Tech Inspection Form to understand everything required in order to pass the safety inspection.  Download / print the form below:

Parade Autocross Tech Inspection Form

I will have 15 to 20 Safety Tech Forms laminated so that the volunteers have something to check off as they perform the inspection. Once the inspection is done a Safety Tech Sticker is applied to the top left of the windshield indicating the vehicle has passed Safety Tech Inspection.

Howard Gilson
Safety Inspector